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Designing or Redesigning your corporate website is like birthing a business baby. Jayne shares this delivery with enormous passion and integrity. Jayne is sensitive to financial balance and works faster and far less expensive than typical website sources – Jayne creates and constructs and makes certain your site is being found nicely by search engines. If you really want to boost your bottom line, you should consider hiring Jayne via a very modest monthly retainer, and she will take all the initiatives to not only create the tools to reach and close new customers – she will act as a SALESPERSON as well. Jayne has been know to triple sales for large departments of significant corporations.

A Madison Ave Agency at the Cost of a Flat Screen TV

Do you need the results that a Madison Avenue Advertising would provide for you, but can’t afford a $100,000+ annual budget? Jayne IS A MADISON AVENUE AD AGENCY who will personally create, launch and maintain your company’s 5 Star promotions each month, for less than the cost of a 60″ Flat Screen TV!

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