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Search Engine Optimization is by far one of the most significant yet challenging goals. That’s why Jayne of Classy Websites NJ and Jonathan Morales of NJ SEOs  have chosen to exclusively merge their superior talents to provide this most vital Internet Marketing combination. Since there are absolutely no “mark-ups” to Jayne and Jonathan’s services, they work EXCLUSIVELY, utilizing screen to screen meetings to keep the prices chopped down, and the service notched way up!

Ideally your company’s website should appear on the 1st Page of Google’s search results. Two perfect examples are Classy Websites NJ and NJ SEO’s sites. Jayne took the “task by the horns” (starting by dominating the metatag “Website Designer NJ”) – and achieved Page 1 Google Ranking within 90 days – not 1 or 2 years, as competitive companies typically project it will take. Since it wasn’t Jayne’s primary skill set, she spent over $5,000 via trial and error, to hit the nail on the head (starting on page 58) to soar to PAGE 1 – like a speeding bullet! The frustration factor prior to achieving this “marketing magic” was intense, and it turned out she only needed to allocate about $899 to absolutely guarantee this success. During this process, the teaming up of Classy Websites NJ and NJ SEOs has become a very successful merging.

The Best of Website Design & SEO Rankings

Classy Website Designer Jayne Bierman and SEO Expert Jonathan Morales know first hand that achieving Page 1 Google positioning is actually attainable through the delicate blend of properly setting up Google Master Tools, Maintaining Keyword Intensity, Consistent G+ Reviews, and Graphic Simplicity! While mastering her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Jayne has concluded and proved, that the approaches that companies promote for $30 to $300 a month with laborious preliminary tasks – that she herself enrolled in – did not boost her ratings to Page 1 status!

Meet Jayne & Jonathan – An SEO Unbeatable Team

Our Main Principle is to Help You Grow Your Business, Not Empty Your Pockets!

With precision and diligence, Website Designer NJ – Classy Websites/NJ SEO experts, Jayne Bierman and Jonathan Morales can help you achieve your search engine maximization. Exposing your company’s name via Internet searches with high ranking relevant keywords and metatags is made easy and particularly affordable by use of  Jayne and Jonathan’s “cut the fat” techniques. By ranking high in natural searches, your business will not only achieve more hits, but will also display an impression of authority within your industry.

Jonathan Will Meet With You In Person

NJSEOs is a Small Business Focused on Helping Small & Medium-sized Businesses!

  • NJSEOs is focused on Face-to-Face interaction, we will meet with you in person to discuss your project and follow up with you as work is completed. We will also recommend changes and updates as necessary to ensure your internet marketing strategy is competitive.
  • All Clients’ websites are built on a responsive platform so they can be easily accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Our National & Local SEO Strategy is like no other. We’ll put you in front of your customers when they Google you!
  • All Website Design and Internet Marketing is done in-house.
  • We Drive Results. 99% of our clients have had their traffic triple within the first 2 months and continue to grow monthly.
  • Our Website Design & SEO Services are competitively priced.

Our SEO Services are Uniquely Customized to your Business Niche:

With over 6 Years of National and Local SEO Experience in multiple fields including Automotive, Medical, Sports, Entertainment, Retail, Restaurant, Hotels, Lawyers, our SEO experts can handle your requests and show you Traffic and Ranking Analytics to prove it!

Using our Custom-Built System we can rank you competitively for your services and products in ANY marketing region. Contact us for examples!

Our Main Principle is to help you Grow Your Business, not empty your pockets!

Let us show you how, just Jonathan a call today at (732)-701-SEOS


Spend Only $899 VS $5,000

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