Finally. Shift Into BIG Profits/the Harmony of Your Life.

Turn your business growth, family life, or search for “The One” – into an “I’ve Got It.” Instead of feeling defeated in regards to reaping larger profits in business, balancing your family life, or looking for that special person – connect to “Original” business solutions, and the harmony within yourself. Jayne, and your inner voice will keep you company.

The extra time you are devoting to promoting your business – OR finding and pleasing another person, can easily fulfill your own heart and soul. Great news! You can stop wondering what to launch, or how you can seek to find. All you really need, is a clearing of the runway of your life, that will provide the space for your new BIG PROFITS, peaceful family life, or significant “other” to emerge. A few ShiFT ChAts with Jayne are sure to help you clear the way, and fortify the “WILLpower” to bring forth this transformation. Your 1st 2 ShiFt ChAt Hours ARE FREE for a very limited time – (A $300 Value)!

ShiFt ChAt Topics:

Business Issues:
Reinventing Your Focus
Downsizing Stress/Options
Closing Down

Same Sex Couples
Empty Nester Anxiety
Downsizing – Take the Plunge

Personal Growth:
Feeling Over Anxious
Need to Boost Self-Esteem
Want to Reboot Your Dream Goals

Jayne Bierman earned her B.A. in Graphic Arts and Psychology from American University, in Washington, D.C. She is not a Certified Therapist, but a sophisticated entrepreneur that has exceptional street smarts. She has helped numerous people achieve breakthroughs in their lives with her enthusiasm and years of motivational empowerment knowledge. She will provide expert references upon request, as the breakthroughs have been so surprisingly successful, that the folks she has interfaced with, are the ones that have strongly suggested she launch this interaction.

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