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Often times when there are emotional wrinkles in our social life/relationships with our spouse, children or significant other…. it effects our business productivity. Jayne’s FREE Consultations are being branded as “SHIFT Chats.” 2 SHIFT Chat Hours that she is OFFERING ABSOLUTELY FREE (a $300 value) by Jayne have proven to result in Major SHIFTS/Breakthroughs for numerous folks that have CHATTED with Jayne.

As Jayne’s business savvy and Psychology Degree (at American University), along with her extremely positive dynamic personality is remarkably motivating. Click below to request your FREE SHIFT Chat over the phone appointments. No strings attached!

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Retain Jayne Bierman for your Internet Marketing. Do you need the results that a Madison Avenue Advertising would provide for you, but can’t afford a $100,000++ annual budget? Jayne IS A MADISON AVENUE AD AGENCY who will personally create, launch and maintain your company’s 5 Star promotions each month, for less than the cost of a 60″ Flat Screen TV! Within this retainer, Jayne will also assume the position as a top notch SALES PERSON – working to bring you very qualified sales leads – and/or ACTUALLY CLOSE SALES for your company! Jayne’s closing ratio is 85%!!!

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