Website design from a home office website designer wizard with magical pricing & pizzazz.


In today’s economy, with so many businesses competing for a share in the marketplace, it is increasingly difficult to gain market share. In today’s times also, a website is the new business card. As a former traditional advertising agency owner, of J. Maxine & Martin in Washington, D.C., Jayne Bierman, a graduate from Millburn High School, one of the top rated schools throughout the state of New Jersey, has reinvented herself to specifically help small and medium sized businesses to easily afford the website design creations and upgrades they are in need of.

There are numerous “magical” aspects of Jayne’s hands on website design and development techniques that make her website designer skills unbeatable. The turnaround, the screen to screen production methods, and more than anything her bubbly, amusing personality accompanied with her spot on marketing expertise. The key is; if you’re ready to get started, Jayne’s prices are typically cut in half and then in half again. Why? Because, time is money! Folks that know Jayne and have worked with her will share, that from the moment you hear her voice, and her energy and enthusiasm comes across, along with all the rock, solid testimonials – you’ll feel 140% confident to secure her services. Jayne will pull you through the entire website design process in the most efficient and enjoyable way imaginable. Feel free to read testimonials by clicking here.