Wondering why your sales are flat? A “Big Reason” to Rebrand. Corporate branding makes lots of sense. It would be prudent to read Jayne’s last words of wisdom at the bottom of this page. It will certainly be worth the scroll. NJ’s Top Branding Companies for Corporate Branding A Top Choice NJ Branding Company.

Jayne is using a graphic designers branding approach to add memorbility for Livingston and NJ projects.
Custom Web Designs Services in Livingston NJ part of Jayne's Website Design Services
Custom Web Designs Services in Livingston NJ part of Jayne's Website Design Services
Custom Web Designs Services in Livingston NJ part of Jayne's Website Design Services
Jayne's highly innovative branding ideas for West Orange NJ and nationwide have boosted sales due to uncluttered website design.
Expert Branding Company one of the top 10 Branding Companies in New Providence NJ

A Few Awesome Facts, From One of the Top NJ Branding Companies.

One of the Most Creative Graphic Design Corporate Branding Companies of NJ Branding Company as Well.

On 6 August 1991, exactly twenty years ago, the World Wide Web became publicly available. Its creator, the now internationally known Tim Berners-Lee, posted a short summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup and gave birth to a new technology.  Hence, this www – fundamentally changed the world. Consequently an extra emphasis on branding companies more originally.

On 1 May 1976 Jayne Bierman, at age 22 founded a graphic arts business that grew into a full service Advertising Agency, in McLean, VA – boasting 3 Million Dollars in gross sales. That was 40 years ago. She’s done it all from, Brochures, Direct Mail, Newspaper Campaigns, TV Commercials, and Radio Jingles. (Award winning Jingles that actually tripled sales for DC marketplace retailers).

Due to an offer she could not turn down, on 13 September 1985 Jayne sold J. Maxine & Martin Advertising. The 30 Million Dollar DC Agency, proudly assigned her VP of Marketing and Creative Director for the IKEA account.

What’s the Point: Related to Corporate Branding Companies of NJ

Here’s the point. Fact. By year 2010 due to the insurgence of the Internet, Jayne’s traditional Ad Agency skills were basically obsolete. Why? Newspapers were going bankrupt, businesses were handling marketing in-house, and e-mail was ridiculously less expensive and more rapidly delivered than snail mail. Hence, Jayne realized that she had to “reinvent” herself. She thought, she concepted, and retargeted her skills as a savvy webmaster creating “Classy Websites” and then some. All Internet Marketing related. As a result, Jayne has truly HIT IT in regards to achieving an overflow of sophisticated clientele.

Who better than “Jaynie,” to help you brand, or reinvent your business focus to reap the benefits – of the cyber crowded, electronically driven marketplace. Jayne’s most noteworthy efforts of branding companies, providing corporate branding as an NJ Branding Company – most of all – sales jumped off the charts.